Principles of MITSOI

Freedom Forever
We support the MIT Free Expression Statement, as well as the Chicago Principles. We affirm your right to think and speak freely, and to share your ideas without censorship. We further believe you have a right to offend, and no right to be free from offense; a right to be wrong, and no right to be shielded from views you dislike.
Bravery and Resolve
We defend open inquiry in the face of the censorship-educational complex and its enforced ideological orthodoxy. We are not interested in staying silent and living under the shadow of stifling conformity. By platforming varied perspectives on diverse issues, we promote America's heritage of liberty and free thinking.
Student Initiative
As MIT youth, we are strategically positioned to pour unique and worthwhile ideas into the academic well. With enthusiasm, firepower, and efficiency, we will reinvigorate MIT's intellectual openness. In the fall, we hosted 4 speakers in 4 weeks. The spring provides us 14 weeks of real estate to illuminate the Institute.
American Attitude
We love American ideals: liberty, fighting spirit, questioning the status quo, and building a new future. We sing the National Anthem at every event, a tradition apparently lost across the educational system.