Controversial and Curious Communications

We appreciate the high volume of encouragement, feedback, and criticism we are receiving. Because we bring dissenters and creative dot-connectors, we are supported by those who exclaim "Finally! A breath of fresh air!" and disliked by those who ask "Why are you bringing these speakers, of all people?" We encourage everyone to come and see for themselves how the speakers are. They are resolute, and so are we.

Below is a list of correspondences between us and MITSOI skeptics or amused observers. Conversation from the other side ranges from civil and productive to disparaging/insulting. Click on any item to read the text! Items with stars (★) are particularly full of fireworks or otherwise interesting.

10. Only a 5G "conspiracy theorist"?
★ 9. The Tech Satirizes MSOI! ★
8. Man Writes Research Paper-Length Discussion on Kirsch
★ 7. MSOI Spoofed by UFO Lover! ★
6. A comment so laughable, it can't be serious
★ 5. Erstwhile powerful Soviet: MSOI a false-flag operation? ★
4. "Pseudoscience", "conspiracy theories", and invention
3. An "embarrassingly anti-scientific thinker and conman"
2. Why did we choose an "obnoxious nutjob"?
★ 1. Trans advocates call Hirsh Singh harmful, MSOI defends him ★